Flexible Rental Services

Numerous Models

We make it easy for you to find traditional carts for two or four passengers, multipassenger shuttles for four or more passengers, and utility work carts with passenger seating and flatbed or cargo space.

Short-term Rentals

If you need help with parking for an event or need a reliable cart to play golf during the weekend, we offer short-term rentals on a daily or weekly basis with as little as two to three days' notice.

Long-term Rentals

For visitors taking an extended vacation and needing a golf cart to get around town, we feature long-term rentals for either a monthly basis or the entire season.

Easy scheduling

Contact us to reserve your golf cart. You can make reservations up to six months in advance; however, we can arrange a cart for you in as little as two to three days' notice as well.

Pickup and Delivery

If you need help getting your golf carts to you location, we can deliver them for you. When you're done, we'll even come pick them up as well. We're happy to assist you in any way possible.

Seasonal storage

When golf cart owners are ready to pack up for the season and need somewhere to store their cart, we feature seasonal storage, which will protect carts from inclement weather.

Golf Carts for all Occasions

We offer many different types and styles of golf carts for any occasion – all at reasonable rates.