Owner: Desert Golf Cart Rentals

1. All cart operators MUST have a valid
driver’s license and proof of insurance.
2. Familiarize yourself with and observe all traffic rules.
    a. Use hand signals/turn signals when turning or stopping
    b. Rental cars cannot be parked in fire lanes.
    c. Rental carts cannot be driven on regular city streets, they should remain on golf cart paths.
    d. Each city in the Coachella Valley has a different Golf Cart Ordinance. Please familiarize yourself with the applicable ordinance. It is the duty of the Renter, not Desert Golf Cart Rentals, to know and follow the various city ordinances regarding the use and operation of the golf cart. Renter agrees to be responsible for compliance with all laws and government regulations in the use of the golf cart.
3. Maximum of four (4) persons, regardless of age, on gold cart at any one time.
4. Please park the golf cart in a safe place at night. Do not leave golf cart outside and uncovered.
5. This is an electric golf cart, which requires periodic charging. The charger is either in the garage or on the golf cart – do not remove from the premises. Be sure the cart has a good charge before leaving far and extended ride. ALWAYS unplug the charger before moving the golf cart. ALWAYS recharge when not in use, you cannot over charge the golf cart batteries. When you sense that the cart is losing power (i.e. sluggish, slowing down) it needs charging. An overnight charge should last a couple of days of normal use.
6. Please rinse the cart off when needed.
7. BE SURE to turn the headlight(s) OFF when not in use.
8. Note that the cart has forward, reverse and neutral gears. When in reverse, you should hear a backup horn (buzzing sound).
9. Do not modify any of the factory setting (i.e. governor, accelerator cable) on the engine. Modifications can result in damage to the golf cart (s) which will result in additional fees to the Renter.
10. Please take the key out of the cart when not in use.
11. Please contact our service facility for any questions, comments or problems at (760) 880-3193
12. There will be a $10.00 charge (each) for missing key(s) that are not returned.
13. Please remove any stickers at time of return of rental cart
14. There will be a pickup and delivery charge of $85.00 per golf cart.
15. There will be an inspection of the golf cart before delivery and at the time of the return Renter will be required to sign off on this inspection.
16. .Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed by the driver.

1. Renter agrees to abide by the above RULES AND REGULATIONS.
2. Renter agrees that they are renting the golf cart according to the terms and conditions of this Golf Cart Agreement. The undersigned Renter agrees that they have rented the golf cart upon the express condition that the golf cart will at all times remain the property of Desert Golf Cart Rental, that they have examined the golf cart before renting and found it to be in good working condition and will return the golf cart in as good a condition as when Renter received it, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
3. Renter agrees to pay to Desert Golf Cart Rentals in the event the golf cart is lost, stolen or damaged, the replacement cost or repair cost, at retail value.
4. Renter hereby agrees to release, hold harmless, indemnify and defend Desert Golf Cart Rentals, their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, members, shareholders, offices, directors, agents, employees, related or affiliated companies, from any and all liability or damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of injuries to person(s) or damage to property which may arise from the use of the golf cart during the rental period.

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