About Us

Desert Golf Cart Rentals is a golf cart rental business located in the Coachella Valley, specifically in Palm Desert, California. We supply electric rental carts for people coming to the valley for vacation or business. In many cases, people need a cart to get around the country clubs at which they are staying. Many country clubs do not let residents use club carts for activities that are not golfing related. We also have a large warehouse that allows us to store carts in the summer for seasonal residents. These stored carts are well maintained, including having their water checked weekly and batteries charged when necessary. Carts are also cleaned prior to retuning them to their owners for winter use. For more information, call us at (760) 880-3193.

Golf Carts for All Occasions

Find a large selection of golf carts when you look through our inventory. You can choose from two-, four-, or six-passenger carts as well as two-passenger cargo or flatbed carts. Whether you need a cart for work or play, you'll find what you need at a price that fits your budget.